Habichtswald Nature Park - Shaping the Future for People and Nature


Habichtswald Nature Park (474 square km) is one of hundred German parks - located west of Kassel in the heart of Germany.


Functions of nature parks


The main function of a nature park is to develop and maintain its unique cultural value for the region. It is very important to keep a balance between nature, the local economy and a good living standard. Nature parks are very important for the development of rural regions.

The major functions of our Habichtswald Nature Park are these:

Our infrastructure "allows" access to this park: 70 parking areas and 450 kilometers of hiking trails with facilities like huts, playgrounds and benches. Skiing in the winter time is also possible - including cross-country skiing.

Another concern of our park management is to inform visitors from all over the world about Nordhessen: they organize all kinds of events for all age groups - mainly focusing on this natural environment, but also on regional products.


The Habichtswald Nature Park Information Center


This center is located on the Dörnberg near Zierenberg. There visitors get lots of detailed information about this park´s history, its geology and the natural habitats. Maps, books and audio visual presentations inform about the region.

The Habichtswald Nature Park Center is an ideal starting point for hiking tours on the Dörnberg - one of the most impressive sceneries in Nordhessen.

The center also offers a cross-country wheelchair ("Joelette") which is specially designed for disabled environmentalists. There are special routes on the Dörnberg that meet individual needs of handicapped people.